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Important information about Apollomotorhomes - 04/07/2018 - Top ▲

Apollomotorhomes have been established for almost 40 years it has been  known to all search engines from day 1 the search engines have started, as  a result Apollomotorhomes have always been at the top page of the search engines, in particular ( Google) many companies have taken advantage of the name Apollomotorhomes and highjacked the name and the website which is apollomotorhomes.co.uk and apollomotorhomes.com, these companies involved in highjacking the name not only are acting illegally they are also giving false information about Apollomotorhomes.

Apollomotorhomes have now taken action to remedy the situation, in the meantime we would like to apollogise for any inconvienience caused by scrupulous people trying to capitalize on something that does not belong to them


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email




More than one reason why Apollo is the irresistable choice - - Top ▲

1) First ever to build Demountables in europe ( Manufacturing in UK Lancashire OL15 9EG

2) 35 Years of experience in building Demountables

3) Only 650 Kg ( Depending on the Model)

4) Distribution of weight no other Demountable can offer

5) Electric Legs as standard also can be operated with manual attatchment

6) Detatchable Legs 20 secounds to remove

7) Specially desiogened compartment to store the legs when not in use ( Lift up Bed with gas springs )

8) Legs are designed to carry the weight independantley without effecting the construction of the Demountable

9) Specially designed strapping system no other Demoutable can offer

10) The Demountable can be lowered to one step height ( easy to enter without an additional step)

11) Choose your own Interior design and colour of fabric

12) Room heater is fueled to outside this can stay on permantley if you wish

13) Demountable is winterized with on board water tanks, can br used in extreme weather conditions

14) Gas compartment stores 2 4.5 kg equals 9kgs capacity

15) 4 Burner Grill Combination with Sink Drainer

16) Microwave or Oven ( or Both )

17) Shower, fitted Toilet, Shower Compartment sealed form wall to wall, water proof wall boarding

18) Water Heater, Gas & Mains ( Hot Water Permantley)

19) 3 Way fuel operation fridge, LPG-12v DC- 230V AC Electricity, 60 Litre capacity - 5 Litre freezer compartment ( Your Fridge Works Wherever You are)

20) 110 Amp Leaisure Battery

21) Double Glazed Windows with Blackout Blind with Fly Screens ( No Curtains Required)

22) Stable Door

23) Mains Hook up with automatic trip switch with twin sockets ( sockets can be installed to your requirements )

24) Ample storage. direct access to all storage spaces loke no other Demountable

25) Fifteen access doors, all doors with double action lockable catches well secured while in transit

26) All doors can be supported open with a stay while in use

27) Free standing table can be used inside or out

28) 5 Year Body Construction Guarentee also against water ingress

29) Provisions to install Heki Skylight

30) Provisions to install Awning on either side or to the rear

31) Provisions to take on Specially Designed Bike Rack

32) You can tow with a Demoutable on your Truck

33) We have negoitiated with all leading manufactures to supply us with a Pick Up Trucks at unbeatable prices 7% discount on Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Ford Ranger and American Trucks to request


facebook - 04/06/2018 - Top ▲

Please note we are not related to Australia Apollomotorhomes whatsoever  we are based in the UK

Ford Ranger - - Top ▲

We have special offers on at the moment for thethese Ford Rangers Starting from £24,529.82.

You can aslo have a 4 Berth Demountable if you wish for £18,000 VAT inc.

We have many different Models to choice from all at differant price range.

Please ring for detail.




Ford Ranger/ 4 Berth Demountable - - Top ▲

As you can see form the illustrations these demountables are designed to travelled anywhere in the world,


These Demountables are self sufficient and comes with Gas Fire, Onboard water Tanks, Micrawave/Grill, Gas Hob, Grill, Shower, Cassette Flush Toilet, Hot/Cold Running Water, 3 Way Fridge Freezer.


Please Note on the Ford Ranger this has a Tow Bar so you can tow while the Demountbale is on the Truck.