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  • Applications:

    High capacity for fast drainage in grey waste systems.

    Remote Mounting bilge pump meets ISO15083

    Gulper benefits

    Runs dry.

    Pumps air and water mixture.

    Non choke Valves.

    Adecade of reliability and debris handling

    New features:

    High capacity 20 litres (5.3 US gals) for fast drainage.

    New barbed connections - instantly ready for connection with 3/4 (19mm) or 1 '' ports (25mm).

    Easier installation: three foot design is ideal for fitting on uneven surfaces

    New sealing strap around body pump body ensures the pump remains in position.

    Ezi-clamp locking ring (patent pending) simply twist and screw to lock head in desired position.

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  • Up to 18 litres (4 gal) per minute.

    Non-choke valves.

    Self priming up to 3m (9.8ft).

    Mounted in most covienent part of boat.

    Easy to maintain.

    Can run dry without damage.

    Rotatable inlet and outlet to suit installation.

    Large single diaphragm.

    Pumps a mixture of air and waste.

    Pumps unmacerated waste.

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  • High quality ABS plastic.

    38mm (1 1/2'') inlet / outlet.


    Can be mounted in various orientations / positions.

    Large virtually unblockable valves.

    Tough plastic housing keeps in nasty smells.

    Easy to clean (no tools required).

    56 litres (12.3 gal) per minute.

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  • Automatically starts pump when bilge water level begins to rise.

    Switches the pump off once the water level drops.

    Fits in the bilge next to pump.

    Weight:146g (5 1/4 oz)

    Max rating: 15A , suitable for 6v to 32v. DC only.

    Material: stainless steel, copper, neoprene.

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  • Low Profile Underdeck Bilge Pump

    Tough proven whale design.

    Completely enclosed protection diaphragm.

    53 litres (12 gal) per minute.

    Only 119mm (4 3/4'') deep for low profile installation under deck or thru bulkhead where space is limited.

    Rotatable inlet and outlet nozzles for flexibility.

    Easily removable clamp ring for quick maintenence.

    Quick and easy to fit.

    Supplied complete with deckplate.

    Suitable for plumping diesel and saltwater.

    Models specifications:

    Max lift: 3m (10ft)

    Max head: 4m (13ft).

    Weight: 0.9kg (2lbs).

    Hose bore: 25mm (1'')

    Materials: stainless steel, glass reinforced, polyproplene, acetal copolymer, nitrile, PBDT, EPDM.

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  • No moving parts to wear out clog or seals to leak.

    Ideal for use in controlling electric bilge pumps (12 - 24v DC).

    Senses water level and automatically controls the pump.

    Innovative switch design is sealed and solid - state.

    Protection from exposure to solvents or corrosion.

    Environmentally friendly - no toxic mercury.

    Up to 24 volts x 20 amps switching capacity.

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  • Lightweight and robust construction in tough plastic.

    High output pump 75 litres (17 gallons) per minute.

    Can be installed on deck, thru-deck, on bulkhead or thru-bulkhead.

    Rotatable body and inlet/outlet to suit the hose direction.

    Easy access for cleaning and inspection (no tools required).

    Odour proof seals.

    Protected diaphragm and inspection port.

    Non choke valves.

    Suitable for plumping dielsel and saltwater.

    Approved by Lloyds (MSA) and USCG as a lifeboat bilge pump.


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  • Can be installed wiht horizontal or vertical outlet position.

    Removable strainer for easy cleaning.

    Low profile design for narrow bilges.

    Can be mounted on horizontal or vertical surface.

    Choice of flow rate 25 or 35 litres (5.5 or 7.7 gal).

    Very low power consumption.

    Easy to clean with ''twist lock'' assembly/ disassembly.

    Strainer designed to leave minimum water level 10mm (3/8'') in bilge.

    19mm (3/4'') non return valve fitted in line stops water flowing back into bilge.

    Model Specifications:

    Hose connections: 19mm (3/4'')

    Materials: polypropylene, ABS, Acetal. PBT, Stainless steel, Nitrile.

    Minimum fuse size: 16AWG

    Model 360 500

    Voltage: 12v 12v

    Recommended fuse size: 3A Auto 5A Auto

    Weight: 0.21kg (0.4Ib) 0.23kg (0.5Ib)

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  • Gas and electric storage water heater,

    Large 13L capacity hot water tank.

    Choice of settings, fast heat up or low current draw.

    Compact design to save space.

    One piece flue - no cover required.

    Robust insulation.

    Unique twin element allows choice of settings.

    Low settings of 600W, high setting of 1200w.

    Simple to use on/off switch control.

    5 running options:

    1) gas only.

    2) Electric low setting.

    3) Electric high setting.

    4)Gas and electric low.

    5)Gas and electric high

    Board mounted for quick and easy installation.

    Neat and compact installation - pipes and wires neatly housed.

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  • Blow air heater, gas/ electric heater that is very compact, lightweigh, easy to fit and has electronic tempreature control.

    Suitable for: caravans, motorhomes and mobile applications.

    3 year warranty.

    Control panel:

    Includes modern easy to mount control panel.

    One 3.5m cable with connectors as standard.

    Simple to use controls with posotive stops to prevent accidental adjustment.

    Frost protection and heat boast settings.

    Minimal wiring:

    3 pin plug.

    Simply plug in - no wiring required.


    In built diagnostics system for easy fault finding.

    Easily accessible components.

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